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Library Programs for Children and Families

Elisa offers multicultural, lively, literature based library programs for children ages 4-104. Ask her about programs supporting to the upcoming Summer 2001 theme, "First of All...Read!"

Her most successful library programs include:

For All to Share: Multicultural Participatory folktales that offer examples of sharing, cooperation and earth stewardship. Help Brer Rabbit trick the greedy tiger. Be the Sun, the Wind, and the Rain, in a Chinese folktale. Play an instrument, or dance to Anansci the Spider's enchantment. Your audiences will love joining in.

How the Bear Got Its Short Tail and other How and Why Tales from around the World. These fun tales spark the imagination as listeners learn how folks long ago made sense of the world around them through story. At the end of the program Elisa invites listeners to take the storyteller's chair and make up and share their own tales.

Noodlehead Tales from around the World - Participatory world tales to tickle the funny bone.

A Trunkful of Tales: A literature based program for the whole family. These tales of grandparent's wisdom, pets, objects passed down, lessons learned, and much more, will have young and old alike remembering and sharing their own tales. The storyteller invites audience members to share personal and family tales at the end of her performance.

Library Programs for Adults

A Trunkful of Tales: A Family Storytelling Workshop

For Parents, Grandparents and Teachers Throw out the television, family storytelling is back! In this stimulating and fun workshop participants will be guided through numerous exercises to grease the wheels of memory, and to delight in discovering that they do have stories to tell. We will explore the types of stories that kids want to hear, and will each take one family story through the shaping and sharing process. Workshops can include ideas for preserving tales for future generations, creating family rituals for story sharing, and family storytelling in the curriculum. Elisa brings an extensive bibliography of picture books for stimulating family tales at home or in school. Family performance of related stories is also available.

Please call for performances and workshops in your area.

Wisdom Tales From Around The World: Performance and or workshop.

People are hungry for spiritual inspiration in the form of stories and insights from other cultures as book sales in the last few years will attest. Author and professional storyteller Elisa Pearmain brings such inspiration as she shares the delightful gems of wisdom that she has collected from many of the world's spiritual traditions and folk tales. These performances are high energy, full of humor, rich characters and grace, and enriched by Elisa's background in dance. In the workshop format Elisa will share a few stories, and then lead participants through simple exercises for learning short wisdom tales, garnering greater personal meaning, and sharing them with others. Her award winning collection of wisdom tales and ways of working with them:
Doorways to the Soul: Fifty-Two Wisdom Tales From Around the World is published by Pilgrim Press, l998).
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Praise for Elisa’s Storytelling Programs

“Your “Trunkful of Tales” Program for parents, teachers and grandparents,
 was a librarians’ dream come true.  Your talents as a dynamic and sensitive
facilitator brought the audience to life. Folks could not wait to join in the
sharing of family stories. Participants were struck by the sense of community
they found that evening at the library. I still receive requests to have you
back soon.” Katie Baxter, Hingham Public Library “Elisa’s storytelling was a joy! She kept an audience of toddlers through
adults involved for over an hour. We plan to make Elisa a regular at our
annual storytelling festival.” Marilyn Pope, Middleboro Public Library “Elisa gave us a moving, funny and wise gift, stories that lifted the spirit
and spoke to the hearts of people of all ages. Our audience has not
stopped talking about it since.” Carol Friedman, Executive Director, Somerville Museum “Pearmain is splendid!” The Boston Phoenix “Elisa Pearmain is a gifted Storyteller.” Cheryl Nelson, Newton Creative Arts Coordinator “Elisa Pearmain weaves a special kind of magic...” The Boston Museum of Science
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Elisa Pearmain M.Ed Storyteller & Author
PO Box 634 Lincoln, MA 01773 (781) 259-0492

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