Immigration Residency

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Follows “We Share A Common Story” program. Several weeks before Elisa's performance teachers send home a family immigration history interview sheet that Elisa has prepared. They gather information through live interviewing, phone calls and letters to relatives. On the day of Elisa's performance the students share some basic information between stories, such as; countries of origin, which generation migrated, why they came, and any stories relating to the journey and immigration process. Then Elisa returns at least two times to each classroom to help students to develop a first person story based of the family's immigration history, and imaginative work. Students develop their stories and storytelling skills in two to three workshops preparing them for the final dramatic reenactment of an immigration journey. During the journey students tell their stories to their bunk mates, and experience many aspects of the immigration journey including the immigration station. Following the drama students usually write up the final story and often present to parents or students in a lower grade. Gr. 3-6.

I Can Tell! A Storytelling Residency

Turn your students into confident and expressive speakers, storytellers and story makers in one to ten visits. With a focus on multicultural folktales, personal and family stories, how and why tales, or another focus of your choice, Elisa guides students to develop rich imagery, characters, use of movement and voice to captivate their fellow classmates and teachers. Residencies begin with a storytelling performance by Elisa and are most successful when accompanied with a teacher training session. Residencies often culminate with a storytelling festival and written versions of their tales. Gr. 1-8.
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