Teacher Training

Having a professional storyteller to your school is inspiring and educational. But when the teachers become storytellers, the kids believe that they can do it too! The art of storytelling is a tool that once used will become a regular part of every teacher's bag of tricks as they experience greater attention, increased interest, and self-confidence on the part of their students. Storytelling helps teachers to meet the curriculum standard requirements for many aspects of literature and drama in an integrated way. In these workshops teachers gain the basic skills of learning stories without memorization. Teachers learn how stories can be integrated into every aspect of the curriculum to excite, give meaning to information, and develop inquisitive minds. They learn how to create a cooperative and safe environment through storysharing by teacher and students. They learn to make use of stories from many sources including; personal and family stories, multicultural folk and fairy tales, myth, legends, moral tales and created tales. Teachers learn how to find appropriate stories for any subject area. Workshops run 2-20 hours.

Elisa Pearmain M.Ed Storyteller & Author
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