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Wisdom Tales From Around The World: Performance and or workshop.

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People are hungry for spiritual inspiration in the form of stories and insights from other cultures as book sales in the last few years will attest. Author and professional storyteller Elisa Pearmain brings such inspiration as she shares the delightful gems of wisdom that she has collected from many of the world's spiritual traditions and folk tales. These performances are high energy, full of humor, rich characters and grace, and enriched by Elisa's background in dance. In the workshop format Elisa will share a few stories, and then lead participants through simple exercises for learning short wisdom tales, garnering greater personal meaning, and sharing them with others.

Her award winning collection of wisdom tales and ways of working with them: Doorways to the Soul: Fifty-Two Wisdom Tales From Around the World is published by Pilgrim Press, l998).
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A Trunkful of Tales: A Family Storytelling Workshop

For Parents, Grandparents and Teachers Throw out the television, family storytelling is back! In this stimulating and fun workshop participants will be guided through numerous exercises to grease the wheels of memory, and to delight in discovering that they do have stories to tell. We will explore the types of stories that kids want to hear, and will each take one family story through the shaping and sharing process. Workshops can include ideas for preserving tales for future generations, creating family rituals for story sharing, and family storytelling in the curriculum. Elisa brings an extensive bibliography of picture books for stimulating family tales at home or in school. This workshop has been done in community settings for whole families (ages 5+). Family performance of related stories is also available.
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Water from the Well: Drawing on the imagination for stories and nourishment.

Come explore the imagination and expand your confidence in spontaneous storytelling. Participants will engage through multiple modalities in exercises for accessing images and creating stories, building trust in and respect for our own inner resources. Through this process and discussion, we will develop a definition of the imagination, and its ability to connect, create and make meaning. We will each leave the session with one longer story roughly shaped and shared. The exercises are applicable for classroom, home, and therapeutic settings; for building story making, listening, and imaging skills, and meeting the needs of a listener spontaneously.
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Grace Happens: Making and Sharing Personal Stories For the Spiritual Path

We all have experiences of grace; everyday blessings, and the more extraordinary times when we deeply feel the presence of the sacred. These stories of grace and the getting of wisdom, when developed, honored and retold, offer us a direct connection back to the sacred on a daily basis, enriching our lives. In this workshop, the leader will share some of her stories, highlighting the different ways in which we experience grace. Then participants will be guided to remember, honor, shape, and share their own stories, in a supportive informal manner. Participants will take from the workshop; new insights, ideas for connecting to their sacred stories on a daily basis, and appreciation for their own stories, and the presence of grace in our lives.

Water From the Well:Finding, shaping and sharing personal stories.

Elisa's personal stories workshops can be focused around a specific theme, such as; stories of wounding and empowerment, stories of loss and healing, stories of sexuality and intimacy, women's stories, or more generally, personal stories. Elisa will begin by sharing a story from her life, and then will describe her process in shaping it for telling. The many sources for story in our lives; memory, fantasy, dream, and waking dreaming will be explored. Participants will be led in various techniques for remembering, making connections between memories, honoring, shaping and shaping their stories for telling. In this process insights are made and compassion is hightened for our life journeys, where ever they have taken us. Elisa leads people through this process in several ways; as a course, a 2-3 hour workshop, and for individuals meeting for 1 1/2 hour sessions weekly.

I Can Tell!: A Beginning Storytelling Workshop

Working with short world folktales, participants will play with tried and true techniques for learning a story without memorization, developing imagery, character and perspective, and making the story their own. Participants will share their tales in small groups. The focus will be on developing our own strenghts for a personal storytelling style, relating to our audience, and having fun. Participants come away with one story ready for telling and at least three others heard. Depending on the length of the workshop, participants may explore participation in stories, curriculum integration, and story creation. No experience necessary.

Praise for Elisa’s Storytelling Programs

“Your “Trunkful of Tales” Program for parents, teachers and grandparents, 
was a librarians’ dream come true.  Your talents as a dynamic and sensitive
facilitator brought the audience to life.  Folks could not wait to join in
the sharing of family stories.  Participants were struck by the sense of 
community they found that evening at the library.  I still receive requests
to have you back soon.”
					Katie Baxter, Hingham Public Library

"Elisa is a Master teacher!"  Lesley College student 

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