Doorways to the Soul:

Fifty-two Wisdom Tales from around the World

Editing and Commentary by Elisa Davy Pearmain Winner of the Storytelling World Honor Award for l998
Click on the Title to buy it at Doorways to the Soul, published by Pilgrim Press is a delightful collection of inspirational and insight filled wisdom tales, parables and anecdotes from around the world. Designed for meditative reading, the book presents an uplifting story for each week of the year. This collection of stories includes, '"That is Good from India, " The Lion's Whisker" from Ethiopia, the Buddhist tale "A Mustard Seed," and the Scandinavian story, "The Legend of the Mistletoe."' Questions for reflection following each story enhance this valuable tool for religious educators, parents, clergy, teachers, speakers and individuals. Doorways to the Soul provides creative suggestions for strengthening our connection to our spiritual selves and the wondrously diverse world around us.
Kudos for Doorways to the Soul:

“A lovely collection of short tales from different spiritual traditions.”
- The Living Church

“The more I work with your book the more I like it.I put it on a list   
of best books to use for teen telling.  A charming gift to pass on to 
someone who needs to learn the value of story.” 
- Margaret Read MacDonald Ph.D.  from “In the Wind”,  Summer edition,  l999.

“A truly user-friendly collection of wonder tales that helped me to think 
 anew about how images become our teachers.”
- Marni Gillard (Storyteller & Author)

“I love your book. I have been showing it to all of my students.  
 It is beautifully written and the stories that you chose are marvelous.”
- Laura Simms (Storyteller & Author)

"A serious tool for the working teller."
- Ed Stivender (Storyteller & Author)

Pilgrim Press  -  ISBN 0-8298-1286-5  $9.95  Size 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”, 160 pages  
Pub. date 3/22/99

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