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Workshops, Residencies and Teacher Trainings

"I can't begin to thank you enough for the wonderful work you did at our Montessori Schools of Massachusetts Head's retreat.  You received rave reviews from our participants, as your programs were beautifully presented and inspiring"
 -- Donna Milani Luther Head of School, Inly Montessori School, Scituate, MA

I Can Tell!

A storytelling residency from 1-8 visits to individual classrooms for grades K-8.

Elisa spent 10 years in the Boston Public Schools training students to create, write and tell stories. She would love to come to your school to do the same.

The focus of the workshops or residencies can be to reinforce the learning that is the focus of the program such as bullying prevention, to strengthen oral skills, creative writing, and or all of the above. Through a series of fun exercises, students learn to create and tell stories to share with parents, classmates, and even a school-wide storytelling festival. This can work around a theme, or a cultural focus, or even a science unit!

“The students truly soared during your residency. They were able
to retell folk tales, create new endings and write, yes write!
Every student should have an Elisa Pearmain in his/her life.
Every teacher should have an Elisa Pearmain in her life.”
K. Woerner, Grade 1 Boston Public Schools, Storytelling Residency.

“I Wonder Tales”

A 1-3 day workshop

In this classroom workshop done after the performance of I Wonder Tales the students are lead to create and tell short tales that describe how an animal or aspect of nature got its characteristics. Imagination games and oral presentation skills are practiced and demonstrated. Go to the Storytelling Programs page for more information.

Urban Legends with Middle School Students

In this 1-3 day classroom workshop students are lead to create their own modern day urban legend modeled after the stories Elisa has shared in performance. She demonstrates her creative process and guides them through story performance exercises. Emphasis can be on writing skills, oral skills or both.

A Trunk Full of Tales – Personal and Family Storytelling

Grades 4+

In this storytelling program and residency Elisa helps students to find, shape and share stories from personal and family history. Through demonstrating her own family stories and how she shapes them for telling she leads students to learn about their own family history, to develop a story to treasure, and all the while learning story crafting and telling skills. This program requires work on the part of the teacher and is usually done in conjunction with the English curriculum. Requires a minimum of three, 50-60 minute visits by Elisa.

One English teacher who has had Elisa to her English classes two years in a row wrote:

Ms. Pearmain’s workshops provide a unique foray into the English language that students appreciate and enjoy. Students are enchanted by her storytelling and connect with her down to earth style and sense of humor as she helps them discover their own stories to tell.

Ms. Pearmain’s program addresses many critical learning standards in the English and language arts classroom, while providing students with a hands-on way to access that learning. In the creation and telling of their stories, students are actively analyzing and applying elements of drama and literature as they relate to the Massachusetts State Frameworks. Students visit and revisit elements of plot, setting and characterization as they turn simple written stories into performance pieces through practice and play. Continually adding imagery, developing dialogue and fine tuning their oral presentation, students begin to grasp the process of turning a piece of work into a story. More importantly, students become attached to these stories, invested in the process and develop the confidence needed to speak before an audience.

"The knowledge, talent, and ability to connect with students possessed
by Ms. Pearmain enable her to create learning experiences
that truly matter to students. She comes highly recommended!"
Roseann Thebado
Grade 6 English Teacher, Lexington


Workshop and Residency Fees

The fee is the same for the first day of performances, and then $300 to visit up to four classrooms a day for the first two days. Fees for subsequent days are reduced.


Teacher Training Sessions

I've spent over 14 years training teachers through Lesley University to integrate storytelling into every aspect of their curriculum, and as an effective tool for enhancing the classroom culture for learning. I'd love to work with your teachers. I can train them to use my books and follow-up ideas. I can train them to be comfortable using storytelling across the curriculum to reach more learning styles, and help boost student or oral and literacy skills.

Fees: One 90 - 120 minute workshop is $350. Longer workshops are negotiable.

Please call to discuss your school's needs in person: (781) 259-0492 or